Defense Industry, Brokering & Manufacturing Consulting

Founded in 2008, Stillwood International, a soldier systems arms and ammunition brokerage & manufacturing firm, with employees located in the United States and Europe, supports the needs of military and civil defence procurement, through a broad network of established global partners.

Through our partner network Stillwood has access to a diverse array of elite, and emerging technology defence goods. Stillwood International will help identify the appropriate equipment to meet the needs of our clients. We then will directly oversee quotation, procurement, legal compliance, shipping and delivery. We stand ready to assist our clients with their procurement needs through fast response times, clear communication, and superior service.

With supply chain uncertainty, Stillwood International prioritizes procurement and brokerage management with a cross-functional approach delivering products and services, optimizing delivery, lowering risk and assuring compliance.

We are known for our strength, superior customer relationships, operational excellence and integrity.