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Life and Wisdom Speaks As We Share What Life Has Shown and Taught Us Through The Years In Many Areas of Our JourneyBarb Cole is the lady and host with the upfront personality of the podcast “Life and Wisdom Speaks” that has pondered for a long time about bringing this podcast to life. She reached out to her long time friend and co-host, “Lady T” and asked her to be her co-host on “Life and Wisdom Speaks” because we have been doing this for years of just talking about Life and the Wisdom we have gathered as individuals. Lady T will bring a dimension to the podcast by giving it to you unfiltered and real as real can get.

Barb Cole and Lady T have been friends for almost 25 years so you know that they have something for you on many levels and as they put it….We ain’t nothing nice! We keep it real from our perspectives!! Some will get it…and some will not. But that’s LIFE.

This podcast is about “Life and Wisdom Speaks” and how it affects many people including them. We hope that you enjoy it and what we share on the podcast.

Your Success In Life….

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The Journey….

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Life, What Is It….

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